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The aromas of Indian cuisine will soon be wafting from the restaurant space at 1105 South Carson Street once Flavors of India opens for business in early December.
Owner Manpreet Kaur said Flavors of India will be her first large-scale restaurant venture, something she has always wanted to do.
“I’ve always wanted to have my own restaurant,” she said. “An Indian restaurant has been my focus, because I grew up cooking with my grandma and my dad. Those fond memories are where my passion and love for cooking come from.”Indian cuisine, she said, is naturally flavorful, bursting with spices and featuring a lot of tumeric, ginger, garlic and onions that form the bases of many sauces and gravies.
But spicy doesn’t necessarily mean hot in the context of Indian food, Kaur said.
“It just means there’s more flavor,” she said. “Each dish is custom-made. If you are custom ordering, we have mild, medium and spicy heat.”
Kaur said she expects Flavors of India to fill a unique niche in the Nevada state capital, where Indian cuisine is hard to come by.

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